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Magnolias Evergreen

  • Magnolia grandiflora Coolwyn Gloss PBR

    Magnolia grandiflora Exmouth 2

    Superbly handsome evergreen feature tree. Huge 30cm, creamy white flowers with heavy perfume in Spring and Summer. This larger growing Magnolia has super glossy dark green leaves with thick velvet, copper toned undersides.

    Grows to 5m high x 4m wide in the first 10 years.

  • Magnolia grandiflora Exmouth

    Magnolia grandiflora Exmouth 2

    Beautiful form of the Southern Magnolia, ‘Exmouth’ is a very compact upright and free flowering small tree.  Glossy deep green leaves have velvety copper undersides. Large fragrant creamy white flowers during Summer and Autumn. Beautiful specimen tree.

    Grows to 5m high x 3m wide in the first 10 years.

  • Magnolia grandiflora Teddy Bear PBR

    Magnolia grandiflora Teddy Bear

    Outstanding new selection of evergreen Magnolia. Teddy Bear features a very compact and naturally neat cone shaped habit. Solid, glossy, dark green leaves have beautiful copper undersides and give depth to the overall density of the plant. Teddy Bear has beautiful, fragrant, creamy white flowers during the Summer and Autumn period.

    Perfect for large tubs or as a garden specimen, Teddy Bear is unmatched as an evergreen screen. Prune in mid Spring to maintain desired shape and size. Frost tolerant, Teddy Bear is sun hardy and an excellent coastal plant. Low water use once established. Fertilize in Spring with a complete slow release fertilizer.

    Grows to 3m tall x 1.8m wide in the first 10 years. 

  • Magnolia grandiflora Kay Parris PBR

    Magnolia Kay Parris.JPG

    Kay Parris Magnolia is considered to be one of the best forms of Southern Magnolia in the USA. Resembling its mother ‘Little Gem’ in height and vigour, Kay Parris is much more attractive. Glossy dark green leaves with a wavy margin have striking coppery velvet undersides and gorgeous hot pink new growth tips.

    Highly fragrant, 18cm wide, creamy white flowers from early December to April in cooler climates and longer in warmer climates. Kay Parris has a very compact, upright, densely branched habit and is an ideal feature as a tub or garden specimen. Kay Parris makes an excellent hedge and should be pruned in Spring before the new growth flushes.

    Grows to 3.5m high x  2m wide in the first 10 years.

  • Magnolia grandiflora Little Gem

    Magnolia grandiflora Little Gem

    Superbly handsome, compact evergreen feature plant. Producing large creamy white, perfumed flowers in Spring and Summer. This smaller growing Magnolia flowers at a very young age and has shiny green leaves with velvet copper toned undersides.  Beautiful hedge, specimen or tub plant.

    Grows to 3m high x 2m wide in the first 10 years.

  • Magnolia grandiflora St Mary

    Magnolia grandiflora St Mary

    Beautiful medium evergreen with large glossy dark green leaves.  Huge 25cm wide creamy white perfumed flowers in the Summer and Autumn.  Flowers at a very young age.  Magnificent specimen tree.

    Grows to 4m high x 4m wide in the first 10 years.