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Conifers - Standard

  • Cedrus deodara Feelin Blue

    Cedrus deodara Feelin Blue

    Beautiful compact spreading mound of grey-blue foliage weeping at the tips. Ideally grafted at 1 metre for proper standard effect. Can be pruned to size in Spring when desirable dimensions are achieved. Beautiful specimen in a rockery or mixed conifer planting. 

    Grows to 1.2m wide in the first 10 years.

  • Cedrus libani Hedgehog

    Cedrus libani Hedgehog Standard

    A dense, dwarf, low spreading form of Lebanese Cedar. Slow growing. A beautiful feature for the rockery.

    Grows to 70cm wide in the first 10 years.

  • Cupressus macrocarpa Golden Halo

    Cupressus macrocarpa Golden Halo Standard PBR

    Golden Halo is a dense ground cover with a flat spreading habit and intense golden foliage. Room should be left for Golden Halo to reach its potential size so its unusual form can be appreciated. Golden Halo can be easily pruned to size and shape each Spring as required.  

    Grows to 1.8m wide in the first 10 years.

  • Cupressus macrocarpa Greenstead Magnificent

    Cupressus macrocarpa Greenstead Magnificent Standard (427x640)

    A dense, horizontally spreading bush, pendulous at the tips. Beautiful blue-grey foliage. As with other conifers, Greenstead Magnificent can be easily pruned to size in Spring when desired width is achieved. Should be grafted at 1 metre plus for proper effect.

    Grows to 1.5m wide in the first 10 years.

  • Ginkgo biloba Mariken

    Ginkgo biloba Mariken Standard

    Beautiful compact globe form of Chinese Maidenhair Tree. Mariken is a dense multi-branched dwarf which forms a natural ball shape. Ideally grafted at 1 metre or more for full effect. Beautiful yellow Autumn colour.  

    Clip to desired rounded shape if required.

  • Juniperus squamata Prostrata

    Juniperus pingii Prostrata Standard

    A superb conifer of light blue-green foliage. Beautiful in its fresh lime-green new growth. A very dense cascading carpet ideally suited as a standard.

    Trim from underneath to achieve umbrella shape or allow to cascade to the ground. 

  • Juniperus taxifolia var. luchuensis

    Juniperus taxifolia var. luchuensis Standard

    Very dense cascading foliage of light blue-green. Suitable for planting in tubs or in the garden bed.

    Trim from underneath to achieve umbrella shape or allow to cascade to the ground.

  • Larix decidua Julian's Weeper

    Larix decidua Julian's Weeper

    Graceful weeping form of European Larch. A deciduous conifer, Julian's Weeper has light green clusters of fine foliage in Spring. Small green ornamental cones turn brown in Autumn.

    Stake for height and allow to cascade. 

  • Taxodium distichum Cascade Falls PBR

    Taxodium distichum Secrest Std

    Cascade Falls is a beautiful weeping form of Swamp Cypress. The graceful, fern-like foliage is a soft, pale green during Spring-Summer, turning to bronze-yellow tones in Autumn before falling. Grafted as a standard, Cascade Falls is ideal as a feature in or alongside a pond or any wet site, and will also thrive in normal soil conditions.

    Ideally grafted at 1.2m for full effect.

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